Call for participation

The AAAI Workshop on AI for Transportation AIT-15
Austin, TX, USA
25 or 26 January 2015


The transportation domain is increasingly taking up AI techniques in the design
of products and systems. Cars nowadays implement machine learning algorithms.
When searching for a route on a mobile, solutions are provided through AI
algorithms. In this workshop, we will explore a fast-growing application domain
in which AI techniques are crucial for creating the next generation of tools
and research methods.

The workshop will give examples of on-going concrete research, but also of the
value that this creates for travellers and cities. The process and project
issues that are associated with AI in this domain that is so close to
real-world human behaviour will be discussed and illustrated.

The objectives of the workshop include:

  • Encouraging a stronger interaction between AI and transportation.
  • Exposing and investigating real-life transportation problems that can be

tackled with AI.

  • Presenting new results, work in progress and promising directions.
  • Providing a forum for interaction and discussion.


There are many interesting problems at the intersection between artificial
intelligence and transportation. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Route planning and journey planning
  • Reasoning about uncertainty
  • Knowledge representation
  • Data mining for mobility data
  • Machine learning
  • Diagnosis
  • Scheduling for public transport and for ride sharing
  • Multi-agent transportation problems
  • Combining activity planning with route planning
  • Mixed-initiative approaches for decision making
  • Responding to disruptions in a transportation network
  • AI for unmanned vehicles
  • Gaming and interactive computing in transport
  • Empirical studies.


The workshop will include one invited talk, paper presentations and time for
discussions. The intended audience includes not only AI researchers and
practitioners working in transportation problems, but also researchers
interested in the challenges and the opportunities featured by transportation
as an AI benchmark domain.


Submissions should be formatted with the AAAI style, and should not exceed
8 pages + 1 page of references only. Shorter papers are perfectly acceptable.
Submissions should be performed through the EasyChair system, ar url

The submission deadline is 14/10/2014.


  • Adi Botea

IBM Research, Ireland
email: moc.mbi.ei|aetobida#moc.mbi.ei|aetobida

  • Sebastiaan Meijer

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; and
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
email: es.htk|rejiems#es.htk|rejiems

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