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  • July 23: Organizers submit CFP blurb of no more 400 words for their workshops to chairs and AAAI (gro.iaaa|51spohskrow#gro.iaaa|51spohskrow). Organizers submit signed Chair Letter of Agreement to AAAI by fax at 650-321-4457 or by email to gro.iaaa|51spohskrow#gro.iaaa|51spohskrow.
  • Add contents to the public workshop website, and make it nicer.
  • Create a call for participation. Status: draft available. A few details need to be added in, such as website url and submission url.
  • Select a good invited speaker. I suggest we look for someone who will attract not only people interested in the technical field, but also many other participants at the AAAI conference.
  • Select the Programme Committee. I suggest about 10-15 members, with an expected workload of 2 papers per PC member. If we need more later, we can recruit more.
  • Compile a mailing list where to disseminate the call for participation.

Short list of potential invited speakers

  • Some of the senior figures in the PC list?

Programme Committee

We should put together a set of up to 20 candidates, after which we should contact all or part of them by email. Chances are not all all them will get back to us with a positive response, which is why we need to have in mind a slightly larger number than needed.


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